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Chiptuning of Diesel Engines in WinOls - Basics

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Publisher : Thomas Pirowski

Course Language : English


Become a performance chip tuner! Proper basics and knowledge of rules are very important for a car tuner. Learn more about data flow and rules, that are behind of accurate chiptuning.

This course is crucial for further chip tuning skills in WinOls. You will need it for my next courses, or one-to-one training.

I have decided to make it short, but dense. There is a lot of self-training in it, so you can answer yourself if you want to start your chip tuner career and do a performance chip tuning for cars, trucks, etc.

Modern diesel engines are controlled by Engine Control Units. They can be reprogrammed to achieve extra power and torque and/or fuel savings.

Learn, how to optimize diesel engine ECUs - start your chip tuner career.

More to come soon.