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Continuity and Differentiability-1 -Class 12 Maths -CBSE-ISC

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Publisher : Suman Mathews

Course Language : English


This course is a your first step to understanding Differential Calculus. This would greatly benefit students preparing for ISC and CBSE Class 12 Mathematics.

The course starts with

  1. An introductory video which also includes all the formulas learnt in this session.

  2. The concept of Continuity at a point and continuity in an interval.

  3. You will learn how to calculate the left hand and right hand limits for continuity .

  4. The concept of derivative at point using limits is illustrated.

  5. You will learn how to calculate the derivative using definition.

  6. You will then learn how to differentiate using the formula.

  7. The course concludes with how to calculate the derivative of composite functions and using the Chain Rule.

    There is also an assignment at the end. 

    Stay tuned in for part 2 of this course