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FRONTIER SCHOOL OF SEOUL : Exploring The Art of Storytelling

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Publisher : Kiwarahei Kesete Heibaraki

Course Language : English

This course isn't about me teaching you how to tell stories, because I believe like all art, storytelling is a deeply personal experience.  This course is about exploring the artform itself, whether your write, draw, animate or rig, this course will venture into the nuances, subtleties, complexities and importance of what storytelling is and provide advice on how to do it meaningfully, from raising characters to building worlds. This is something different; from Miyazaki to John Milton, we explore how in the 21st century, we are better positioned to tell new, more compelling stories, the likes of which haven't as of yet been seen. The course is split into 4 sections:

1) Narrative

2) Character

3) World

4) Emotion