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Practice set for Maths | Quiz and Riddle series

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Publisher : LetsTute E-tutor

Course Language : English

Mathematics- a subject that studies quantity, structure, space and change. It involves a variety of calculations and requires a huge lot of practice. Many of us finds studying this subject a very boring task?

We thought how can it be made interesting for you?

So we have created this course named 'Fun with Math'. This course contains:

-- a series of Math quiz named 'Some Stupid Math Mistakes' which contains various topics from General Mathematics and a few topics from Algebra and Geometry.

-- a series of Math riddles where one needs to apply their math knowledge and logic to solve them.

Who can take this course?

The course can be taken by:

-- beginners or intermediate level Math students or

-- any parent or teacher who wants to make their teaching methods out of the ordinary. 

What are the benefits of this course?

-- One can test their basic Math knowledge and see the various math applications.

-- One will also learn how to avoid silly math mistakes and thereby avoid loosing math.

-- One will also learn to apply correct logic and smartly solve various math riddles.