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Introduction to Econometrics

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Publisher : Ash Narayan Sah

Course Language : English

This course provides introduction to econometrics. First lecture describes the meaning of econometrics. Second lecture focuses on various definitions of econometrics to understand the subject. Third lecture discusses the relation of econometrics subject with economic theory, mathematical economics, and inferential statistics and tries to figure out the need of econometrics as a separate discipline. This course also discusses data types that is encountered by econometrician for analysis purpose. It also explain types of variables and in econometric analysis mostly we deal with intervals and rati scaled variables. Appropriate data transformation sometimes required in econometric analysis, and one lecture is devoted for that. This course describe the methodology of econometrics in detail with example.

The course structured in such a way that even with basic economic understanding a student can easily grasp the contents of this course. I hope you will find this useful in learning econometrics.