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Start Teaching and Travelling with our Mini TEFL Course

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Publisher : Enjoy TEFL

Course Language : English

Why don’t you settle down, watch these 3-minute videos and meet up with us again at Video 20, where we’ll ask you the same question.

Then you can make your decision as to whether or not you want to follow your dream!

We imagine, although we could be wrong, that you’re watching this video series for one of these reasons:

  • You want to teach English as a Foreign Language
  • You want to travel to places you have never been before, and teaching English as a Foreign Language can help to finance your travels
  • You want to help others and teaching English as a Foreign Language will help, considerably
  • You want to develop yourself further on your Lifelong Learning journey, and teaching English as a Foreign Language will help with this
  • You want to take a life-changing step at this moment in time and Teaching English as a Foreign Language could be your springboard for this.

We hope we’re pretty close with our guessing.

Studying our TEFL courses can enable you to do all the above. You just need to take that first step.

What we can guarantee is this:

  • You’ll be studying a high quality, accredited course that many thousands of students have studied to enable them to make that life-changing step.
  • You’ll study a course where there’s no fancy language, no boring theories and, instead, focusses entirely on practical points that will make you an excellent teacher.
  • You’ll get all the support you need, from beginning to end of your course – and in the future if you need us.
  • You’ll get value for money
  • You’ll be in very safe hands

Enjoy TEFL offers 2 very high quality and in-depth TEFL courses:

  • our 120 hour Advanced TEFL course
  • our 180 hour Master TEFL course

In both courses, we have also provided you with access to two FREE – yes, FREE - Specialist Teaching Mindfulness courses for the duration of your TEFL course. No other TEFL Provider offers this. We’ll cover the important area of Mindfulness in Video 6.

And in our 180 hour course, we have added a wonderful and in-depth Module on teaching children specifically: our Teaching English to Young Learners Module. In fact, in our 180 hour course, you’ll feel as if you are getting 2 courses for the price of 1. In reality, this is the case. We’ll cover this in Video 19.