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Superfast Physics for 14 to 16 year olds - Part 1

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Publisher : Michael Reid

Course Language : English

How easy will it be when you feel supremely confident in physics. When you know the key equations and you are able to rearrange them effortlessly. When the key points in physics are at your fingertips.

This free course is designed to help enhance your study of physics learned by students 14-16 years old worldwide. It is a course about memory techniques, physics equations and empowerment through confidence and practice.

This is part one of the Superfast Physics for 14 to 16 year olds full course. It has all the information included in the larger course but is focused on the first section to make it more manageable and easier for you to practice and remember the information you need.

There is a lot to remember in high school physics but you should enjoy the process. Part 1 includes many multiple choice and downloadable practice questions as well as ways to remember each of these:

            The key equations for speed, distance, force and weight.

            Newton's 3 laws.

            The important number prefixes  (kilo, Mega, micro etc.)

            Finding the distance traveled from a speed-time graph.

            Simple movement in a circle.

            Tricks to rearrange equations accurately.

            The method to gain full marks on long answer questions.

Physics can be an uphill struggle unless you are good at remembering equations and key information. This course will teach you how to remember all of these things easily using fun memory techniques and mnemonics.

This course also contains lots and lots of answered questions and examples. There are many fully explained video questions, multiple choice quiz questions and extra downloadable practice questions with answers. Working through these questions will increase your confidence and hopefully inspire a love of physics.

This course will use your amazing mind to create lasting memories. You are more likely to be able to remember something if it is fun and interesting.  By using these memory aids, you are creating new connections in your brain that make learning the physics equations easy.

The fun and catchy mnemonics and other memory aids in this course were created to help students remember the essential equations and key concepts at this level of physics. This course also contains techniques to help make rearranging the equations easier. Practice of these methods should improve revision skills and study techniques in physics and for other subjects as well.

This course is based on my book published under the same name that was developed from over a decade of classroom experience.