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The Grades Are Easy Course

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Publisher : Gurmukh Bansal

Course Language : English

There is a big problem amongst students right now, and it is costing them the high grades they deserve. Even though they work hard they don’t understand why they are not achieving the grades - but there is an art to learning. How to learn is not something that it taught effectively in schools. Grades Are Easy fills this knowledge gap.

Many students are told to "work smart", but what does this mean? Before tackling a new subject it is important that students develop a keen self-awareness about their own learning habits. Learning how to study effectively is a strong foundation for academic success.

For students:

· This course will help you to focus, optimising every hour of your study time.

· You will feel motivated and determined to succeed.

· It will help you to become more self-aware, teaching you how to tap into your support network of family, friends, peers, teachers and tutors to improve your grades fast.

· In class you will become proficient in spotting your own knowledge gaps, so that you can quickly fill these gaps to prevent you falling behind.

· When studying using books or online sources you will become very effective at absorbing information, understanding key principles, and applying critical thinking skills.


Become knowledgeable about how to maximise your child’s learning potential.

Course Design:

The course has 6 modules.

· Introduction to the problems that students are facing right now in the classroom and in society.

· How students are subconsciously programmed from childhood and why it affects their learning habits, techniques, and grades.

· How to find and utilise your success team to enjoy fast, effective progress.

· How to find quality resources for your chosen subject, and the best order to study in.

· Mental well-being and how to manage negative behaviours that can hinder the learning experience.

· Talk about the three-point model, a master plan, and how to become a mark scheme “hacker”.

Each module has video presentations of slides complimented with teaching videos by the course creator, Gurmukh Bansal.

The course contains evaluation forms so that students and parents can learn from a visual representation of their personal strengths and weaknesses. There are worksheets to consolidate learning so that new skills are mastered effectively.

There are resources that can be printed and used outside the course to help students implement newly learned techniques.

And finally - the Grades Are Easy promise: if the steps in this course are followed and implemented whole-heartedly, your grades will improve radically and rapidly!

Who this course is for:

· Academic students and parents who want to help their children.