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Yet Not Distressed - 207A - Learn Fluent Chinese Fun - FREE

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Publisher : Sophia Yu

Course Language : English


· FREE On Line Courses

· Video Length 1:31:20

· Many elements, including idioms, proverbs, conversations, etc.

· Animation Chinese Fonts - Stroke Writing,

· Mandarin Pronunciation, English Translation,

· Simplicity简体字& Traditional 繁體字Chinese Characters

· Several Quiz in video, you to prepare paper and pen to write

· Sophia's Brush Handwritten Calligraphy

· Beautiful Melody of Mandarin Hymn

· Chinese Bible Scriptures

· Sophia's Prayers to encourage you

· Let's Start Now !!


我 們(们) 四 面 受 敵(敌) 、

We are troubled on every side, yet

wǒ men sì miàn shòu dí

卻 不 被 困 住 .

not distressed;

què bù bèi kùn zhù