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AWS Analytics - Athena Kinesis Redshift QuickSight Glue

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Publisher : Kaushik Vadali

Course Language : English

AWS emerging as leading player in the cloud computing, data analytics, data science and Machine learning.

AWS Analytics course lectures with practical demos

Lecture Duration (hh:mm:ss)

Amazon Athena - Interactive query service 00:07:10

Amazon CloudSearch - Managed search service 00:16:20

Amazon EMR 00:11:05

Amazon Elasticsearch Service 00:11:36

Amazon Kinesis - Data Streams - Visualizing Web Traffic Using Amazon Kinesis Data Streams 00:23:56

Amazon Kinesis - Data Streams using AWS CLI 00:08:40

Amazon Redshift - Data warehousing 00:23:46

Amazon QuickSight - Business Analytics Intelligence Service 00:14:51

Amazon Data Pipeline - Automate data movement 00:18:36

and Amazon Glue, Data Lakes