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Automate Your Finances and Savings to Get more 'Me' time

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Publisher : Neil Doig

Course Language : English


Saving sucks!

Do you ever feel you work hard all week and have nothing to show for it?

Like you have more month at the end of the money rather than the other way around? Then you need to automate your saving and your investing so you no longer have to budget, stress or even think about your investing again.

This is what this course will teach you.

This course is a taster course for my main course on Udemy 'Asset Allocation Football Formation Become your Own Financial Adviser. Football Investing System. This main course is a simple five step method to get money mindset. This is where you don't stress about the ups and downs of the market, you can automate your finances to free up more time in your day to spend the things you want to do with your time. That may be spending time with your friends, family or simply having more 'me' time.

This system is based on the latest evidence based research and was created using four Nobel winning economists and the strategies from the best selling author on investing and personal finance.

My name is Neil Doig I am founder of Money Tipps, which is a financial education company and best selling author on Amazon and Financial Times shortlisted author. My book Millennial Money Mindset: If you want the fruits you need the roots give a step by step guide to the investment journey. I am a Chartered shipbroker, commodity trader for a FTSE 100 company and a was a qualified Financial adviser with my own Financial planning practise. I created Money Tipps as I didn't think the quality of education was good enough for people to make their own decisions with their money. My aim is to give good quality financial education to help people reduce their stress and worry around money so they can live happier lives. 

Join us in this course to teach you how to automate your savings and Investing to free up more of your time to spend your day doing the things you love.