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Automation in Product Management

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Publisher : Vasily Starostenko

Course Language : English


Your Instructor: 

Vasily is leading Tesla Customer Acquisition team. Before Tesla, for three years Vasily led Driver Growth products at Uber. Worked for number of late stage VC funded Silicon Valley startups: Reputation-comSuccessFactorsBitTorrent

This class is Based on real Product Manager experience at Uber and Tesla. 

How to drive more value through Automation 

Automation has the potential of replacing every “low-skilled” resource in your organization. But the advent of sophisticated Cognitive and AI tools coupled with Intelligent Automation can go beyond these low end, back office tasks to help the organization take better real time decisions and maximize the true potential of its workforce. Listen to a panel of experts talk about how they have leveraged AI and Automation to enable a smarter enterprise and maximize business value.

Case Study: Success stories and Lessons learned in Implementing Intelligent Automation

  • Automation is not a goal of itself

    • Must solve a real customer or company problem

  • Automation can be excessive

  • Humans are Underrated

    • Automated tools make humans more productive

    • Replace least creative most routine parts of human jobs

    • Not the whole jobs: Collaborating with robots, not competing

  • Perspective Matters. WHY we automate

  • Automation is a way to Create Value

    • Not to cut costs

    • If you think cutting costs, someone will do it better, and win

Who is the target audience?
  • Product managers and aspiring product managers. Leaders in charge of automation efforts
  • Anyone looking to get a job in Product Management
  • Anyone wanting to transition into Product Management
  • Product Managers who want to advance their skillset
  • Entrepreneurs looking to master the product development process