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How I Built An Online Store Without Google or Facebook Ads

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Publisher : Kraig Mathias

Price : $195

Course Length : 10.5 hours

Course Language : English

Course Description


LATEST: Course Fully Updated For June 2016

I've been selling $7,500+ per month from my online store each month without Google or Facebook ads, since I started to put in place what actually works.

What I've done has really paid off and the things I've done that have worked are all outlined here in this course.

I now average $7,500 every month in sales from my store (without paying for Google or Facebook ads).

And that's not just one unique month! That's every month, month after month after month. It's on autopilot now!

In May 2014, before I started following this course, I sold little to nothing online (and I was spending hundreds of dollars on Facebook ads). By taking the steps outlined in this course, that's now increased, month-by-month, to over $8,000 in March 2015.

I know this system works and all my earnings are shown in the free preview below. You can see a screenshot of my reports page, showing all my sales numbers.

Every single technique which I reveal in this course is easy to put into place and I show you how in detail.

I'm holding nothing back in this course - I reveal everything I know. I plan to continue to add things to this course as I experiment with things and learn if they work or not. This course will grow and accumulate more content as I learn more, which will all be at no extra charge to you!

Keep in mind that you're protected by Udemy's 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee!

Every minute you wait is costing you money with your online store!

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