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Learn the Contract Basics You Need to Know

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Publisher : Shelia Huggins

Course Length : 37 mins

Course Language : English


This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of contract and business law. You'll understand the advantages and disadvantages of term sheets. You'll walk away with an understanding of what the requirements are for contract formation. You'll know who to include during contract negotiations and when you will likely need to amend the contract. Finally, you'll understand the importance of winding down and terminating the contract.

The purpose of this course is to help you with the following:

  • Understand key concepts that will help decrease ambiguities and inconsistencies in contract language

  • Understand the function of term sheets during preliminary negotiations

  • Learn which parties to include during contract development

  • Understand contract amendments

  • Understand contract termination

The course instructor is a North Carolina licensed attorney (since 2002) with over a decade of experience drafting, negotiating, and managing contracts both in the public sector and in a private law firm.

Who is the target audience?
  • Business owners who need a basic understanding of contracts
  • Prospective business owners who are curious about how contracts work
  • Beginner business employees and/or contractors who want a basic understanding of contracts
  • Anyone interested in learning the basics about contract requirements and terms