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Process Management Certification by Pipefy

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Publisher : Victoria Gorges Santos - Martine Postma - Shik Sundar

Course Language : English

This course is a full tutorial of how to use Pipefy, the powerful processes management and workflow tool in the cloud. The lessons will explain the beginner and advanced features of the platform. Also, the student will be required to solve case studies inside Pipefy.

As you finish this course, you will know what is an organization, a pipe, how to set up templates from scratch and how to import templates from the template store. Besides that, we will teach you how to configure phases, fields and cards inside a process, as well as how to use this features: pipe connections, e-mail templates, e-mail inbox and public forms.

Last but not least, the user will learn how to use and read My Desk, reports and metrics, as well as how to integrate Pipefy with other apps using Zapier or API documentation.