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Cyber Security : Mr Robot Real Life Scenarios Vol 1

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Publisher : Musab Zayadneh

Course Language : English

:::::::::::::::::::::::::|    Warning   |:::::::::::::::::::::::::

:      This is For Educational Purposes Only   :


Hello Friend, Hello Friend

if you want to become The top 1% of the top 1%, take this course you will learn Ethical Hacking Step by step by practice

and use it in real life to defend your self from such attacks also it is fun believe me.

in this course there are two scenes:

  • Ron's coffee Scene

  • DDOS Attack Scene

so the conclusion is you will learn:

  • What is TOR (the onion router) and how it works

  • Make a TOR website

  • MITM Attack

  • ARP and ARP poisoning

  • Sniffing packets using WireShark

  • DDOS Attack

  • What is Botnet

  • Protection from such attacks