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Galen UI LAYOUT automation testing with Cucumber & Java

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Publisher : Maroš Kutschy

Course Language : English


In this course, you will learn how to create UI layout automation tests using Galen within Java Selenium Cucumber framework - Jasecu.

The prerequisite of this course is finishing free Udemy course:

Cucumber & Java & Selenium automation framework - JASECU

link on Udemy webpage + then:


!!! exact link link on this course can be find in the Description, Note and in the attached text file of Lecture no. 1 Section no. 1 of 'Galen - UI LAYOUT automation testing' course !!!,

this free course will help you setup your local and CI environment to use Galen within Jasecu Framework and will learn you the basics of Jasecu Framework

In Galen - layout automation testing you will get familiar with basics of layout testing, you will understand Galen implementation in Jasecu framework and how to run scenarios which include Galen steps from IDEA IntelliJ and from Jenkins.

Primarily, you will learn how to create Galen 'gspec' files and create layout verification in them.

After finishing this course, you will realize how easy it is create UI layout tests using Galen with Jasecu framework.