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Learn the Basics of Automation: Selenium

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Publisher : Varsha Hindupur

Course Language : English



This course gives you the thorough understanding on Selenium tool and this knowledge is what you need to begin your career as a Automation Tester. Selenium is an Open Source tool which is a popular and useful automation tool. Apart from being widely used tool in the market. Framework development and creating Automation Test Suites needs to be curated carefully. Additionally, In order to master this field, you will need to have a thorough knowledge on basics and that's what Simply Automation is focusing on, since one must need this knowledge to think out-of-the-box and provide problem-solving solution to achieve Business Needs. This introductory video series has six videos that provide basic knowledge on Selenium tool and its usefulness.


To create an automation project from scratch we need to integrate more tools like Cucumber, TestNG and Rest Assured API testing. Also there is more to creating a framework than just integrating a bunch of tools, it starts right from being informed about the underlying concepts behind framework development to understand how to create complex framework with simple-to- implement steps.

As much as we need to up-skill, quick learning is a must to stand out and implement the steps with Simplicity. Enroll to this course to learn more.

Hope this course helps you in learning and upskilling. Have a great time learning!