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Persuasive Software Testing

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Publisher : Alan Barr

Course Language : English

Do you want to clearly communicate defects to product owners and software developers? Do you ever wonder how you could be more PERSUASIVE?

Persuasion is key to being an effective software tester. Not only in communicating what needs to be fixed, but getting it fixed on time. As well as mitigating or minimizing risks.

You want to be more persuasive, and you're either:

  • Someone that is persuasive but thinks they could improve

  • Someone starting from scratch and does not know what they do not know

I can help you become a better communicator

  • Influence key stakeholders in their language

  • Use specific work products to communicate

Who this course is for:

  • People that want to be more persuasive when communicating potential problems in software.

  • Software testers that want to be more effective in their day to day work.


These are techniques that I use every day to convince people to fix software problems. To act on new opportunities. To change how they accomplish their daily work in better ways.

Here are two reasons why you should enroll right now:

  • Being a better communicator is the best investment anyone can make in their career.

  • Becoming that person that is a key influencer in your organization can open up doors and enable greater opportunities in your career in life.

The sooner you act the sooner you can avoid missing out on this information that could very well change your life. Not knowing how to convey the right level of urgency and information creates many more problems and nothing else can help you be more effective at your job than this.


Are there any course requirements or prerequisites? Students should not need any experience before learning or implementing these techniques.

In the first section I will show you the simplest and most effective tactic to get people to act on bugs you find.