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Getting Started with Apache Ambari

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Publisher : Techno Crats

Course Language : English

Apache Ambari is an open source administration tool deployed on top of Hadoop cluster and responsible for keeping track of running applications and their status. Apache Ambari can be referred to as an open source web-based management tool that manages, monitors and provisions the health of Hadoop clusters.

It provides a highly interactive dashboard which allows the administrators to visualize the progress and status of every application running over the Hadoop cluster.

Its flexible and scalable user-interface allows a range of tools such as Pig, MapReduce, Hive, etc., to be installed on the cluster and administers their performances in a user-friendly fashion. Some of the key features of this technology can be highlighted as:

  • Instantaneous insight into the health of Hadoop cluster using pre-configured operational metrics

  • User-friendly configuration providing an easy step-by-step guide for installation

  • You can install Apache Ambari through the Hortonworks Data Platform

  • Dependencies and performances monitored by visualizing and analyzing jobs and tasks

  • Authentication, authorization and auditing by installing Kerberos-based Hadoop clusters

  • Flexible and adaptive technology fitting perfectly in the enterprise environment.