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The Awesome Command Line

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Publisher : Sally Krish

Course Language : English

The Awesome Command Line Course - Teaches you how to navigate the command line, run simple commands and understand under the hood concepts of the terminal. This is a must have for any developer. Make the best decision of your programming education and empower yourself with learning the command line. There is no prior knowledge or experience needed. All you need is a Mac  or Linux computer and your enthusiasm.

The reason I created this course was because throughout my teaching courses in IOS and Python, beginner programmers kept stumbling on the command line. I couldn't help but notice with a little prep your learning other languages can become so much more interesting and fun by just getting a good solid understanding of the command line.

So I have strived to create this basic course with the hope that it helps you on your journey as a programmer and equips you with the beginner tools needed to make you an Awesome Programmer !

The best way to learn this course is watch the video and then circle back and pause and "do" the commands we went over in each chapter. Doing is the best way to learn and I hope you all have a lot of fun learning in this course.