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Quick Start Guide to Tableau For Beginners

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Publisher : Jed Guinto

Course Language : English

Want to learn Tableau and score lots of FREE TRAINING in the process?!! Then read on...


Data Visualization is the latest thing and by latest I mean since the dawn of time! Humans and animals are visual creatures and the rate at which we can absorb and understand visual data is significantly faster than reading table data which is a recent invention in this context. Tableau, which is a Business Intelligence tool, or BI for short, is the most intuitive software I've ever used to create visual aids. Most common industry aids include bar charts, line graphs and pie charts....but...wait there's so much more!

As a professional Business Analyst and Change Agent, my job is to understand data but also inspire people to want to understand it as well. I've worked with hundreds of people and taught many how to use this amazing tool to revolutionize their daily work lives.

In this course you'll be learning in a very short period of time, the basics to get started. That means basic graphics, some simple visualization tricks, dashboard creation, data types, dual plotting, data connectivity, quick table calculations, formatting options and even a way to get access to hundreds of FREE additional content through my YouTube channel which has even more content for you to enjoy.

So what are you waiting for, sign up for FREE today!