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Django GCBV - Fully understanding of TemplateView.

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Publisher : Rafal Szymanski

Course Language : English

Django is easy. When you know it. It's not your fault if you can't get it. It can be hard to understand how i.e. Django GCBV works when nobody show it to you. Showing not just telling is important to help you get the concept. You should know that TemplateView uses View object and few mixins. You should know how they do almost all work for TemplateView. You should know all methods and attributes being used in the process. You should know how to override them. This knowledge gives you confidence. You need to be comfortable with what you do to be valuable programmer for others. You don't want to be scared of any question about TempleteView anymore. You don't want to feel like beginner in it anymore. Only in-depth understanding gives you that.

This course shows you the big picture of usage of TemplateView. It's also showed and explained from what TemplateView inherits and why. What exactly do View and all mixins do for TemplateView is also explained. Everything in step by step, line by line, word by word style. These course let you see how code works not just hear about it.

"To see it" is the main value of this course.