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Complete SQL Injection Course - Learn Hacking Practically

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Publisher : Pronoy Kumar

Price : $199

Course Language : English

Why learn SQL Injection?

SQL Injection is very important for Ethical Hacking. There are a lot of vulnerable websites available on the web. Whether you want to learn hacking, boost ethical hacking career or make money using bug bounty program, SQL injection can be used! This course will assume that you have no prior knowledge in Ethical Hacking or SQL Injection and by the end of this course you will be at advanced level. Learn to launch hacking attacks like a real-world black hat hacker.

Whether you want to learn SQL Injection because:

  • You are a beginner and want to hack websites like a professional

  • Enhance your hacking skills.

  • You are an existing hacker and want to learn SQL Injection from scratch

  • Apply for hacking related jobs

  • Get started with website hacking, SQL Injection hacking, ethical hacking or any other area that SQL Injection specializes in

Then you have come to the right place. This course is designed to teach you SQL Injection from scratch and raise your status from a beginner hacker to an intermediate hacker.