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Fundamental Excel Skills for Accountants and Finance Staff

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Publisher : Paula Guilfoyle CPA & MVP

Course Language : English


Are you an Accountant or an aspiring Accountant?  Do you work in Finance?  Do you want to ensure you are equipped with the core fundamental Excel skills that every accountant or financial professional should have? well if so this course has been designed for you.

Excel is the tool of choice for most accountants, and having great Excel Skills can make a massive difference in your career prospects.  However many are lacking the core fundamental skills Excel required to use the tool efficiently. 

This course has been designed and developed by an accountant and focuses on the core Excel skills needed in the industry.  Some of these skills are at a basic level, however, some of them are at an advanced level. Each of the topics covered in this course is a core skill for the job and knowing some of the newer features of Excel 365 will put you ahead of the curve.

This course is a short course and a basic knowledge of Excel is required.  In this course, you will find workbooks to download so you can practice along and you will also find some activities to complete.

The topics covered in this course are

  1. Logical tests and IF statements.

  2. Lookup Formulas

  3. Summing with criteria

  4. Working with tables

  5. Pivot tables

  6. Dynamic arrays