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Microsoft Excel - Quick Refresher Before the Interview

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Publisher : Vadim Mikhailenko

Course Length : 1 hour

Course Language : English


This course is a quick tutorial for the people who might have never used Excel in the past or used it very occasionally. This course focuses on the key topics to help you get you ready for the job, which requires Excel skills. Course contains tutorial style videos covering below topics and concepts:

  • Excel overview and Basic Functions
  • Using Excel for business (Total for Quarterly data, Total for Year, Forecasting)
  • Sorting data, Creating charts and Formulas in Excel
  • Working with Excel Files: Printing, Saving as PDF, Protecting the file
  • Conclusion and next steps

I am excited that you are here and hopefully this course will help you land the job quickly. Good luck landing the job!!! And please stay in touch and keep me posted, once you get hired.

Who is the target audience?
  • Course is designed as a quick intro of Excel and is the most helpful for people looking to pass Excel interview or land a job