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Java 1000: Professional Java for the New Software Developer

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Publisher : Randall Nagy

Course Language : English

Welcome to Professional Java!

These first lessons of The Professional Java Series are designed for students with no prior programming experience. 

While designed for beginners however, the focus of the Professional Java Series is upon those who also want to become professional software developers. 

Because the goal is understanding how Java can be used by software professionals, Professional Java takes the time to go well beyond the basics of simply “learning how to code.” 


For example, first-time programmers will enjoy the introductory discussions of "What is Programming" and “The Three Things All Programs Must Do.” 

From an understanding of programming in general the training next moves to learning how to install & write Java applications. Along the way, students will also learn how to capture requirements, document software, as well as work with professional Java tools. 

Concepts & Tactics

By taking the time to explore both Java as well as software developer concepts, students will be able to gain the confidence needed to use Java everywhere. Understanding how Java works allows students to create software using Java's free console tools, as well as the professional Integrated Development Environments, or IDEs.

Hands-on Exercises

The software creation activities in this training opportunity consist of both hands-on video activities, as well as a more formal set of labs. Followed by a “Questions & Activities” section, the completion of each session provides a bonus opportunity for students to review, as well as to advance, one's mastery of a related set of Java-centric, software-creation,  activities.