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Advanced Sketching in CATIA V5 : With Advance Practice Sets

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Publisher : Akash Raj

Course Language : English

The Course has been / will be split into 5 different parts / courses i.e. Advanced Sketching, part modelling, Advanced Assembly, Surface Modelling, Drafting, and Sheet Metal Drawing.

You will learn:

  • How to navigate through CATIA interface.
  • How to sketch with different sketch commands.
  • How to define sketches using relations or distances.
  • How to use more than 10 different features to create 3D models. 
  • How to create additional reference planes.
  • How to modify given parts to match design needs.
  • How to explore different materials for your models.
  • How to find your model's mass, volume, and center of gravity.
  • How to assemble different parts into an assembly file.
  • How to generate drawings from parts and models.
  • How to interpret different drawing annotations.
  • How to tackle any 2-D drawing and develop into 3D models.
  • how to well develop part models with ease.
  • how to furnish surface modelling and interpretation of it.
  • how to use the feature of GSD to create the surface based design.
  • Drafting terminology and its functionality in details.
  • industrial application and its drawing and machining
  • etc etc ..

Why our course?!

  • We are following the learning by doing approach which is proven the best for learning software like CATIA ..
  • We have enlarged the interface icons in our screen casts to make our videos more eye-friendly. We even enlarged the mouse cursor!!
  • Each successive videos will develop your CATIA skills in systematic order which will be helpful to understand.
  • We made our videos short and concentrated in one or few aspects to make them easier for reference. We also designed each lecture to be a stand-alone lecture.
  • Our lectures will not only guide you about the basic of CATIA but will also lead towards high level machine drawing as well when you will be about to complete the course.

With this course, you will get:

  • Full, free lifetime access to 180 lectures (increasing over time).
  • All future extra lectures and upgrades will always be free.
  • Regular free bonuses additions to increase your knowledge. - lots of fun topics!

Today, you can start your journey to becoming a CATIA professional with ZERO prior experience!

I stress that you need no prior experience and there is nothing to buy or pay for!!! You will only need CATIA itself.