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Mastering your own communication: The fundamentals

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Publisher : Richard Saunders

Course Language : English

Using all of my 22 years experience as a behavior and communications expert to create a course that will enable you to build your confidence and become a master of your own communication.

The 'Fundamentals' covers the two elements  of the learning journey that are prerequisites for you to be able to Master your own communication. The full course will be available in a couple of weeks, however, I wanted to release this earlier as a free taster to gain your feedback, spark some interest and also give you chance to try the learning experience.

So the Fundamentals, what are they?

1. Mastering congruence of your communication: Communication is not just about the words we use or the visuals we reference. It is a journey into someone else's world where we either resonate or alienate with our message. These session enable you to understand the theory and then learn from your on experiences to enable you to start improving your own congruence and credibility.

2. Mastering your perception of communication: Perception is a very fickle friend or foe. It can work for you and enable you to learn from your experiences and become a more engaging and inspirational communicator or it can work against you making you hide away and fear speaking your mind. These sessions give you what you need to enable your own learning from having the most productive perception and build your confidence by using every opportunity to learn from your own experience.

I hope you enjoy these taster sessions.