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엔트리 기초부터 활용까지 정글코딩!

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Publisher : Han Woojin

Course Length : 3.5 hours

Course Language : Korean


Learn from side to side using entries.

Survival programming to survive by unlocking missions with entries in the jungle.

Difficulty to learn and follow from elementary school to adult.

Create new games for each lesson and clear the jungle and missions!

1. Travel to the forest

2. Jungle's Fish Shawn

3. Creating a house

4. Burning firewood

5. Campfire Festival

6. Fashion King

7. Fruit Picking

8. Fish Hunting

9. Ticks

10. Enchanted Instruments

11. Jungle athletics

12. Maze escape! Spyware

I want to learn software, but do not know where to start?

Learn from the entry with jungle coding ~!

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