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Unity game development, make games in just 4 hours

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Publisher : Abhijeet Singh

Course Language : English

In this game development course you'll learn how to create a commercial quality 3D hypercasual .io game using Unity, C#.

Here is a list of the key things you will learn by watching this course :

  • First of all you'll have a stronger understanding of what it takes to actually finish a game from A to Z in Unity!

  • You'll learn to quickly create visually stunning game environments for you hypercasual .io games.

  • You'll learn how to model, and then rig and animate 3d humanoid characters within 5 minutes using a special method.

  • You'll Learn to create robust touch control joystick for controlling player movements.

  • You'll Learn to Create basic game rules and objectives.

  • You'll learn to quickly and easily create different and robust AI's

  • You'll learn to create modular gameplay logic that could be applied to different games.

  • You'll learn to create visually stunning UI and great UX.