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Blackmagic Fusion - The Ultimate Guide 2019

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Publisher : Data Training Campus

Price : $199

Course Language : English

This course will help you to learn about the fundamentals of node-based compositing using Fusion, this course will also demonstrate the user interface of Fusion along with features & applications. This course will also help you to learn about how to import media supported in Fusion and would also give you knowledge with working on the basic nodes and its parameters. Through this course you will also learn compositing viewers and keying using Fusion. Below are the details about all that we are going to understand here. You shall be learning about the overview of UI, various nodes and working with nodes such as adding node, duplicating node, merge node, removing node, importing footage, re-sizing composition. Time Ruler- In this section you are going to understand current time, key frame ticks, changing the display format, ranges, global start and end range, render start and end range, visible range slider, render button, playback buttons and composition quality options. Animation in Fusion- Through this section you shall be learning about Creating Basic Shape, adding keys, adding mask to shapes and animating shapes in motion.