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How to create better graphic design 1

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Publisher : inoshiro Design

Course Language : English


Hello and welcome to How to create better graphic design 1. I’m Simon Claes and I’ll show you how you can improve your designs in five steps.

How to create better graphic design 1 will cover the first five steps for better visual communication. I’m engaged with the topic graphic design on a hobby basis for quite a while now and I want to share the knowledge I’ve learned here. I’m going to give you an insight of what it takes to create a good design on a basic level.

Course Introduction and Overview

In this course we are going to break down the essential parts of a design and how to enhance them. We will cover the idea of your design, the communication in your design, the understanding of the elements in your design, the consistency of the elements of elements in your design and the maximum threshold of elements in your design. After this course you will know, why an idea should be the core of your design, why it is important to communicate effectively in your design, how to make the message or idea in your design understandable, how consistency works in a design and why it is important and why you should set a maximum of elements in your design.

Major components of the course

  • Create and apply an idea to your design
  • Communicate your idea effectively
  • Make your idea understandable for your audience
  • Let your design speak with a consistent voice
  • Use only as many elements as required

Ideal Student

With this course I’m targeting total beginners in the topic of graphic design. The ideal student for this course should be interested in graphic design, wants to create better graphics for private use or at work and is eager to learn these skills by applying then directly into practice.