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krita Essentials for Beginners in Urdu and Hindi

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Publisher : Jawad Abdul Mateen

Course Language : Urdu

یہ کورس آسان اردو زبان میں ہے۔
اس کورس سے اردو اور ہندی زبان بولنے والے تمام افراد فائدہ اٹھا سکتے ہیں۔

This course is for " Krita beginners ". It will start from very basics and will go up to the level where you can handle all kinds of projects with clear understanding of work environment, tools, resolution, color modes, layers and other essential concepts.

After doing this course you need not to do any other course of this level. 

This course will take you up to that level after which you can easily work in Krita and can use all online available free training resources to further enhance your skills .

Course outline is as under:-

Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: What is Krita ?

Lecture 3: Krita Interface

Lecture 4: Work area

Lecture 5: Tool bar

Lecture 6: Vector layer

Lecture 7: Working on vector layer

Lecture 8: Brush tool

Lecture 9: Brush presets

Lecture 10: Selecting color

Lecture 11: Layers

Lecture 12: Selecting

Lecture 13: Select all

Lecture 14: Selecting elements

Lecture 15: Layer styles

Lecture 16: Multi brush tool

Lecture 17: Mirror tools

Lecture 18: How to save

Lecture 19: File recovery

Lecture 20: Right click pop-up pallet

Lecture 21: Animation

Lecture 22: End