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Screens Essentials for UI Designers

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Publisher : Greg Rog

Course Language : English

Learn some of the most important terms and factors for successful UI design. We'll start from the tiniest element you design for - pixel. Then we move on to different screens, resolutions, we'll explore retina, DPI and so much more. You will get to know optimal formats for UI design as well as workflows that will let you create highest quality assets!

You will find plenty of tutorials and articles on how screen design essentials work with explanation of terms and key techniques. The thing is the more you read the more complicated this topic appears. Let's focus on theory and keep it short and to the point so it is most useful in your workflow.

We'll explain the difference, but also get deeper into the best ways for exporting design assets from software such as Sketch, Illustrator or Photoshop. You will see multiple benefits of working in vector-only environment but also there are some hints for Photoshop design flow.

You will also get to know some approaches to designing for hi-density screens such as Retina and therefore explore differences between Pixels, Points or Density Independent Pixels. It will all sum up to a modern way to start in 1x scale and then export the assets accordingly for different screens, if needed.