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Purpose of Life Course - Create Transformed Meaningful Life

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Publisher : Kamal Khurana - Mentor for Personal Transformation

Course Language : English

Most people find it hard to search for true purpose in life. It is difficult to stop struggling and know the meaning in life. Every human deserves to live fully and meaningfully. This can happen only when one is aligned with the natural flow of inner reality.

This requires you to first of all free yourself from the prison of  negative thinking. Also the next is to create the zero space where the inner reality and calling gets expressed in your own way that has meaning of your life.

If you really want to live a life of meaning and fulfillment, you need to be honest to yourself and simply connect to your inner self ! 

In this course, you will get the needed strategies and steps not just to identify the meaning of your life, but also steps to act and create your dream life  

For this you need the motivation and inspiration and at the same time an intensive, step-by-step action plan as well

Purpose of Life course gets you the needed guidance so that you can :

  • Build an attitude to create and sustain a life with a purpose and meaning
  • Learn the way to discover the purpose and meaning of your life - and also act on it  
  • Create balance and fulfilment in all areas of life
  • Attain the wisdom and awareness to be live the way you want
  • Eliminate negativity and hurdles in the mind and your lives  
  • Understand your  values 
  • Design a brand new life where you have full control 
  • Living effortlessly and freely
  • Harnessing the pool intelligence that lies within 
  • Aligning the right actions with the demands of life situation in the present time

The course comes with a pack of 5 videos specifically constructed to help handle the situation.

The course is made of 5 sections - 

  • Understanding Purposelessness
  • Living Purposefully
  • Orientation
  • Inner Self Integration Technique
  • Being emotionally wise

The first video helps you know the reasons behind your present emotional state.

The second video tells you the ways that help you discover the true purpose of your life and the steps towards creating life that you want.

Counselling is expensive and most people mention that the effect of the highly priced service of the counsellors diminishes with time. Because you get the learning in the form of videos, you can watch them at anytime whenever you feel that the relapse is happening.

Although this video course cannot substitute counselling or therapy, but still it creates a position for you to understand and handle your emotions and move on.  

Additionally you get to learn a technique called Inner Self Integration which is a set of 3 videos(out of the total 5 videos) that will help you gain control over life and develop the right strategy to live a fully functional life. This technique also enables you to achieve your life goals in much easier way.

You will learn through a step by step process, with expert guidance all the way and a course workbook with all the exercises and main points. You can write your answers, defining your daily tasks that help you take action. Also the course is in a video lecture form, you can listen to it anytime again on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.