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VIRTUAL WING CHUN - World's 1st Interactive Training Course

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Publisher : David Wong

Course Language : English

PREVIEW The Virtual Wing Chun System!

The Only Training System In The World That Has...


  • Will he throw a right hook, or straight jab in the video
  •  You don't know! And that's good!!! because it will force you to learn how to react on the fly!
  • (Think you will start predicting the attacks? Don't worry, new randomized attack patterns are released regularly!)
  • Test your skills with ever-increasing difficulty of progressive, randomized attacks!


  • Makes you feel like your training partner was right in front of you feeding you the random punches and attacks. 
  • It also will help you know


  • Great for beginners and intermediate students
  • Don't want random attacks? No problem, we have training routines that train in a progressive, logical pattern so you get used to all the movements and work on your coordination!


  • Now you can train of the best self defense techniques I’ve developed over 10 years virtually!
  • What's more?
  •   New Videos are added regularly for you to train different techniques in real time
  •  A systematic progression of difficulty
  •  Train your techniques!
  •  Train your timing!
  •  Train your reflexes!

But With Your VIRTUAL Training Partner... You Can...

-You can train anytime!

No need to find time in your schedule and coordinate a time with your training partner.

-You can train anywhere!
You don't have to go where he is, and he doesn't have to come to where you are. You can train even on your phone.

-You won't get hurt!
Many students have suffered injuries when training improperly with untrained training partners. Now you won't have this problem since it's virtual.

-You won't have to worry about hurting him!
LOL, he's virtual, he won't break.

-He has no ego, no attitude, no complaints!
No drama. Just effective and productive training.

-He won't get tired!
He's virtual, lol, you can play and replay as many times as you want.

-He can train you at YOUR skill level!
Since we have recorded videos with different difficulty levels, you can train at your own pace.

-He won't smell!
LOL. You don't want a training partner that stinks. Trust me.

"What's It Like To Train With Virtual Wing Chun?"

How will your training be like?

Well just imagine logging in to the site whenever you have spare time, picking the lesson you want to learn, and watching it.

Then picking the "Follow Along" practice routine and practicing in third-person mode to see your full body position. And practicing in first-person mode to get your coordination right.  

Then picking a randomized attack pattern video to TEST your reflexes, timing and movement!

All that will last 30-60 min and will have completed a very productive training session!

Imagine feeling stronger, more focussed, and picking up a new self defense skills every time your train!

Imagine doing that 2-3 times a week, learning new lessons each time and testing yourself with harder and harder random attack pattern videos!

How strong will you get?

And you can do all that without going to a class or having a real physical training partner!