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How to code a MATLAB/SIMULINK automation from scratch

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Publisher : Pranesh Gopakumar

Course Language : English

As the title implies this course shows you how to develop a MATLAB automation program from scratch. The automation itself contains only minimal features but my emphasis here was to show you, especially if you are a beginner, the coding process one can take to start developing a full-fledged automation. It doesn’t use any presentation slides for explaining MATLAB programming concepts or have any lengthy intro for each lecture;  instead I walk you through each line of code as it is typed starting from the first line of code which as you progress through the lectures build up to the final automation program. Also I couldn't get around to adding descriptions or any supplementary resources for the course lectures due to various schedules. But I hope the course lectures will turn out to be worth your time.

And of course the best part is that its FREE!

Happy learning then!