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In 11 Minutes: Basics in Framer - A Design Tool

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Publisher : Robert Mion

Course Length : 32 mins

Course Language : English

Course Description

New tools, especially design tools, come and go almost every day.

The newest ones may fit perfectly in your tool belt, but you'd never realize it because getting started can feel like a daunting task.

This happened for me with Framer: it sounded great; I saw the evidence to back up the sales pitch; but I didn't have the right guide by my side to help ease me into it.

This course is the course I wish I had when I first met Framer.

It is short because it can be. Framer is that easy to pick up.

It is short because my mind tends to wander if I'm not hyper-focused on a specific task. I think there are other Udemy-ers like me, and if so you are going to love this course.

It is free because this is a test, and tests shouldn't cost anything to take.

Still not sure about Framer? Ask yourself:

  • Need more power from your prototyping tool? 
  • Afraid to write code? 
  • Having trouble communicating how things should transition to developers or clients? 

Framer can give you design superpowers, teach you to code, and can save you 1000 meetings.

11 minutes from now you will know enough to be dangerous in Framer, and know where to go to become even more effective.