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Just Java Programming for Beginners

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Publisher : Advaith Gollapudi

Course Language : English


This course is an introduction to the General-Purpose programming language known as Java. You will be learning the basics of java along with many skills considered as the start to programming in the Java Programming Language. Throughout the course you will be learning the skills as well as gaining access to helpful assignments, practice activities, and quizzes which will help you learn java faster and will make sure you become fluent in coding. This course requires no previous knowledge on any programming languages, we will be starting with the the basics from scratch.

Topics we will be covering:

  • Java Basics

  • Print Statements

  • Datatypes

  • Variables

  • Input

  • Math Operators

  • Functions

  • If Statements

  • Logical Operators

  • Comparison Operators

  • Loops

  • Methods

  • Classes and Objects (Object oriented Programming)