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Topmost Important JDBC Interview FAQs

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Course Language : English

JDBC is one of the very important foundation course for any persistence technologies like Hibernate,JPA etc.Hence this topic play very important role in the interview room. In this course we discussed the following most common interview faqs on jdbc.

Q1. Explain JDBC Architecture? 
Q2. Explain about how JAVA is Platform Independent & Database Independent ? 
Q3. What is Driver and How many Drivers are available in JDBC? 
Q4. Which JDBC Driver should be used? 
Q5. What are various standard steps to develop JDBC Application? 
Q6. Explain about various types of Statements available in JDBC(Statement,PreparedStatement and CallableStatement)? 
Q7. Explain Differences between Statement & PreparedStatement in JDBC?                    
Q8. Explain advantages and disadvantages of Batch updates? 
Q9. How Many Execute Methods Are Avaialble in JDBC(executeQuery(),executeUpdate(),execute() and executeBatch()) ? 
Q10. Explain about BLOB and CLOB in JDBC?