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Master 15 Popular American English Business Expressions

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Publisher : Tannia Suárez

Course Language : English


If you want to:

  • want to learn popular expressions that are really used by native speakers,

  • learn them in a way that you can understand them when native speakers use them, and

  • actually use them yourself in a way that sounds and feels natural,

then this is the course for you!


  1. Checklist of all the expressions so you can see your progress as you complete the Challenge.

  2. Printable version of the checklist so you can put on your fridge, on your wall, or on your desk for extra motivation.

  3. Pre-quiz you do before the video explanation to test your pre-existing knowledge,

  4. Video with the meaning, an example, and a question to help you connect the expression with personal memories and experiences.

  5. Post-quiz to make sure you fully understand the expression.

  6. Writable eBook where you can type in the document and keep all of your organized and easy to review again in the future.

  7. Daily checklist to help you stay motivated and create a consistent learning habit.

  8. Test at the end of the eBook to review everything you've learned.

  9. FREE Virtual Flashcards so you can study on-the-go on your phone from anywhere.

  10. BONUS Pronunciation Tips to help you sound more like a native speaker.


I'm Tannia of English Challenges. As an English Coach, entrepreneur and digital nomad I get to travel all over the world while building my virtual business and coaching amazing clients, helping them take their English and their career to the next level. Join over 100,000 students across platforms - and lets help you speak English naturally and confidently.

If you're ready to speak English naturally and confidently, let's dive into the course!