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Digital Circuit Design and Implementation

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Publisher : Shraddha V Shelke

Course Language : English


Hello students, I am Shraddha Shelke, Your instructor for the course “Design and Implement Digital Circuits”

I am working in academic filed form last 9 years and I love teaching. I have taught this subject many times before and I love this subject.

I have done lots of experiments while teaching this course to students in offline and online mode as well; I tried various online tools for implementing digital circuits. My students have prepared lots of micro projects based on this course.

Welcome to this course, this course is about understanding of digital electronics concepts.

This course will not only give you theoretical understanding of digital electronics concepts but I am sure it will improve your confidence in designing and developing digital systems.

This course will definitely boost your interest in the field of digital electronics.

You will learn following concepts on this course

Types of digital circuits, combinational and sequential circuits.

Multiplexers designing and implementation

De-multiplexers designing and implementation

Encoders, types of it: Priority encoder design and implementation

Decoders: BCD to 7 Segment Decoder design and implementation

Parity generator and Parity checkers design and implementation

After completing this course you will be able to design simulate and analyze digital electronic circuits.

We are going to use online free simulation software Circuitverse and falstad for implementing circuits.

I wish you all the best for course.