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Fast, easy and practical Spanish for beginners

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Publisher : Debbie Elias

Course Language : English

My ONLY OBJECTIVE is that you can COMMUNICATE IN SPANISH. Grammar is in second place.

After having taught Spanish for more than 10 years, I can tell you that the Spanish that your books teach you is not the same Spanish we speak. I think it's more valuable that we focus on teaching the lessons that you need to start communicating in Spanish, and then we add the grammar to reinforce your knowledge. In this course you will realize how easy it can be to learn Spanish if you get conclusive results, that is, that you can use it right after the lesson ends. Do you want me to let you know what I would do from keeping you AWAY from learning Spanish even if you want to speak Spanish to badly? I would begin by giving you the lesson of the verb to be and to be and I would fill you with grammatical data. But I am not a criminal and I understand the practical way in which human beings live day to day. It is necessary to have conclusive results of each lesson and use them immediately. This is how my lessons are. Fast, easy and practical.