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Survival Mandarin Chinese- Get Ready for China in 1 Hour

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Publisher : Francis Carlisle

Course Language : English

IMPORTANT: This is a free taster of my full Mandarin Chinese preparation course: Survival Mandarin Chinese- Get Ready for China in 2 HOURS!! Last Minute Chinese Level 1. If you like Level 0, you'll love Level 1!!

Heading to China and worried about the language barrier? Afraid of being stranded in the middle of China, unable to speak Chinese? Last Minute Chinese is here to help!

Take this course and, in just 1 hour, get PRACTICAL Mandarin Chinese to help you survive and thrive in the Middle Kingdom!

We cover :

- How Mandarin Chinese Words (Characters, Tones, Pinyin)

- Greetings

- Numbers

- Money

- Time

- Key Chinese Culture Tips

- Key Survival Tips

- Restaurants

- And lots more key survival phrases!

Don't waste time learning unnecessary textbook vocab and phrases you'll never use. This course has everything a complete beginner needs to know. This method has been very successful with all of my face-to-face students here in China, and now I'd like to share it with you. Don't worry if you haven't studied Mandarin Chinese before- we are starting from the beginning!

Take this course, wow your Chinese hosts, and make the most of your time in China!