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Learn Norwegian with Pictures and Dialogues

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Publisher : Sana Akhtar

Course Language : Norwegian

FREE for a limited amount of time!

Learn Norwegian with Pictures and Dialogues

Norwegian for beginners:  Learn basic everyday words and phrases with pictures and dialogues

Do you want to learn Norwegian in an easy and visual way from a native speaker?

If so, this is the course for you!

In this course, you will learn basic everyday words, phrases and sentences with a total of over 1000 words! Examples of themes are: The alphabet, numbers, time, home, clothes, colors, food and drink, body parts, feelings, family, occupation, leisure, nature, seasons, weather, animals, places and transportation. You will learn basic important phrases, like saying/asking about name, age, work and home, saying hello, goodbye and thank you. 

The course has 5 modules. Every module consists of several videos with vocabulary, 2 dialogues, and a quiz at the end. Many words are shown with pictures, and then used in a phrase. The dialogues give the learning some context, containing some of the previous vocabulary and some new phrases. The pictures and dialogues will make the language easier to remember, and the quizzes will help you to recall the words you learn. All lessons have English translation and are available as downloadable PDFs. The dialogues also have a PDF with a littteral, word-by-word translation, and are available for listening practice in Norwegian only.