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Boost Your Arabic Listening and Conversation Skills

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Price : $15

Course Length : 4 hours

Course Language : English


You will learn Arabic conversation via colloquial phrases. Each lecture will belong to a specific excitings topic, from Greeting Topic to Smoking Topic, aiming to push you to explore areas of the language in the correct way and give you the ability to express yourself like native Arabic speakers.    

What’s inside?

This course has 127 Lectures, built around 5 core topics:

1.   Basic Phrases Of Greetings

2.   Basic Phrases Of Age

3.   Basic Phrases Of Making Friendship

4.   Basic Phrases Of Time

5.   Basic Phrases Of Smoking

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is has a desire to improve listening skill
  • Anyone who is interested in understand and communicate better in Arabic