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Moroccan Arabic Language for beginners

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Publisher : zakarya hanafi

Course Length : 32 mins

Course Language : English


this course  helps you to learn Moroccan Arabic Language darija.

the course is for beginners very easy and simple. It is in the English language. so, you will get introduced into the most common situatuin when you need to speak the Morocca language. such as taking a taxi, at the market, at the caffe or restaurant. and also you will get introduced into numbers  and that is to help you in dealing with money , as you know numbers are very important.

also you will get introduced into the most common expression and vocabulary that are used in Morocco.

If you are beginner, this course is for you.

If you have any question i will be happy to answer those question.

shukran ^^

Who this course is for:
  • people who are curious about Morocco and the Moroccan Arabic Language
  • Moroccan arabic language learner