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Basics of drawing

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Publisher : LINE ART SH

Course Length : 35 mins

Course Language : English


The main goal is to learn the main basics of drawing.

They are not just used for these lessons, but for all of your  drawings.

We will learn the main concept about composition, perspective and hatching in simple terms.


I will show you multiple examples of hatching (technical drawing) on some examples that fit that certain hatching the best. We will see how to make hatching darker and lighter. 


We will see where to make our pictures more and less detailed, where to make shadows darker, where to make them lighter and even more! I will show you where and why to make your lines darker or lighter. We will draw a landscape and cartoon-like cats. 


We will learn the first main concept: Composition. We will learn how to put our objects on our drawing to make it look good. On examples, we will see how to choose paper format.  

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner drawing