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Getting Started With Mobile Devices for Special Needs

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Publisher : BridgingApps - - Tara Rocha

Course Language : English

Low cost commercially available mobile devices have allowed people with disabilities to leverage the power of technology to help them improve skills and become more independent. We know that getting started can be overwhelming, so we have created this course to demystify the learning process of what is available to help you or someone you love get the most out of their mobile device.

I will go over the broad topics covered in the course, as well as review the supplemental material and assignments. And, I will take you step by step through a variety of options for preparing and protecting a mobile device by selecting appropriate accessories for a user with special needs. I will address a range of considerations for people of all ages with special needs, such as how to choose a protective case, which stylus might be beneficial, is a separate keyboard necessary and what is a Bubcap? This course will ensure that you have access to information to assist you in setting up a device for success.